How To Rip A Blu-Ray On A Mac

NOTE: The MPAA and media companies make it very known that you cannot copy or convert commercial DVD’s or blu-ray discs for any reason. As an avid movie fan, and collector I am of the belief that if I purchase these products, I have every right to create a backup of these items. The law is not very specific one way or the other, but I would simply say that if you don’t own it, don’t rip it.

Now after people starting borrowing DVD’s from my library, after a while it became a hassle to track down who had what, and eventually many of them started dissapearing. That led me to the practice of ripping all my DVD’s onto my server and streaming them to my Xbox or computers. This has proven the most effective method as it allows my wife to watch something she wants in our room, while I can watch something in the living room, and my son can watch something in his room.

Unfortunately, thanks to technology I’ve switched from DVD only purchases to Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo packs. This allows me to have a high quality blu-Ray version of my favorite movies, and have a DVD version just in case I want to use it on an older laptop or gaming system. I then realized that I could no longer rip my movies because I had no idea or concept on how to rip a blu-ray. Well, after some searching and googling, I now have a new solution which led me to write this latest entry

Now I am a Mac user exclusively so if you have a PC, I’m afraid you’re out of luck, but the methods should crossover just as easily. Apple does not supply any Mac’s with any sort of blu-ray player or device so you will need to find one from Amazon or your favorite computer retailer.

I purchased one for about $50 on Amazon. It’s also a blu-ray writer if you’d like to back up files up to 25 gig. Once you get the device you will need to get some software to run it, and playback DVD’s. I’ve read that there are dozens of packages out there that will do it, but the one that comes highly recommended is MakeMKV which you can get from

After I downloaded the software, I opened the DMG file and followed the instructions.

After launching MakeMKV I inserted my blu-ray of Ninja Assassin, and it appeared on my desktop. I think selected open file and chose Ninja Assassin.   After selecting it, I clicked on CREATE MKV. Now this process is taking some time.  So far it’s been going about 48 minutes and shows 46 minutes remaining.

Update: Ok Ninja Assassin did not work. So I’m trying Sucker Punch.  Opened the file and selected the largest media file which should be the main movie, as well as deselected any languages or subtitles I didn’t need.  Then I clicked CREATE MKV.  This took only 23 minutes to process. Once it was done I had a nice 26 gig mkv file.

Now most systems won’t play this unless you have VLC installed.  To convert it to a native iOS platform like MP4 or M4v you need to use Handbrake which is a free converter program.  I’ve used it to rip majority of my DVDs with no problems. It’s typically open and go without much tweaking needed for the settings.  This process shouldn’t take as long either. Download it HERE.

Well after about another 15 minutes Handbrake did the job and I now have a perfect 1080p rip of Sucker Punch.  I did choose the commentary edition though so I ended up having to redo it again. Just be sure to select the right track which is usually the biggest, and only the audio and subtitles you need.

Any questions, leave a comment.