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From time to time I get inspired by something I see or discover, and I've decided to post them here. It could be tutorials, how-to's, or even video game related.

Why You Should Get An Xbox One!

My hope is that by writing this somehow Microsoft will see the love I have for the Xbox One and opt to give me one out of sheer gratitude, but I'm not holding my breath. Now it's hard to keep up with every little thing that the system can do when you're concentrating...

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Syncing Folders On A Mac

Running several Macs can get a bit hectic after a while so I started to research syncing folders.  This in theory is a great concept.  Download a new album by Eminem and save it in my music folder. Next my system automatically copies it over to my "backup" system in a...

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How to Rip A Blu-Ray on a Mac

NOTE: The MPAA and media companies make it very known that you cannot copy or convert commercial DVD's or blu-ray discs for any reason. As an avid movie fan, and collector I am of the belief that if I purchase these products, I have every right to create a backup of...

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